Artist Statement
In my paintings, I explore the unseen mystical qualities inherent in nature and everyday life. Through use of saturated colors and paint which appears to radiate from within, my interest lies in unveiling and amplifying the sensuousness of life. In depicting sublime moments, I construct narratives that trigger the imagination and create more questions than answers. Whether it be capturing an enchanting rush of ocean waves or the inviting glow of warm neon, my paintings materialize the earthly and cosmic moments that cause the human psyche to dig into its depths.


2015 Master of Arts in Art Education, New York University, New York, NY

2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Cooper Union, New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

2016 Funhouse, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

2015 I Will Never Smile Again, Valerina Gallerina, Queens, NY

2015 Interrobang, Senior Thesis Exhibition, New York University, New York, NY 

2012 2012, Temple of GAD, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Harvest of Dreams, North Light Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Mirrors and Faces, Wings Gallery, Rosendale, NY

2010 New Moon: Deep Meat, Senior Thesis Exhibition, The Cooper Union, New York, NY

2009 Salon Dion, The Cave, Brooklyn, NY

2008 BFF: Best Friends for Now, The Cooper Union, New York, NY

2006 Holiday Show, Art Society of Kingston Gallery, Kingston, NY

2006 Farfetched Gallery, Kingston, NY 

2006 Sky Box Gallery, Kingston, NY


2014 “Studio Visit Magazine” Open Studio Press, Spring 2014.

2013 “Beauty Today Magazine #2: Second Base” Printed Matter, July 2013. 44.

2010 Remember Me, Painting featured in film, March 2010.

2008 Will Schneider-White, “Craft and Afterlife,” The Cooper Union Review, March 19, 2008.


2006-2010 Full Tuition Merit-Based Scholarship, The Cooper Union, New York, NY

2003 Friend of the Arts Award, Painting Presented to Artist Peter Max, Poughkeepsie, NY